digiKam Manual

Welcome to the manual for digiKam, the free and open source photo management program.

The current digiKam version you get here.

You can download this manual as an EPUB.

Getting Started

Do Your First Steps in digiKam Photo Management Program

Supported Materials

File Formats and Devices Supported in digiKam

Main Window

Using the digiKam Main Window to Show Collection Contents

Light Table

Using the digiKam Light Table to Compare Items Side by Side

Batch Queue Manager

Using the digiKam Batch Queue Manager To Process Items in Parallel

Import Tools

How to Import New Items in Your Collections With digiKam

Digital Asset Management

Learn The Basis to Handle Safety Large Digital Photography Collections In Time

Color Management

Learn The Fundamental Rules of Color Management

Image Editor

Using digiKam to Edit and Improve Your Photographs

Setup Application

Using the digiKam Configuration Panel to Customize Application

Geolocation Editor

Edit Geolocation Information to Search And Visualize Items on a Map

Maintenance Tools

Maintaining and Optimize Data From Your Collections

Post Processing

Post Process Items From Your Collections

Export Tools

Export Items From Your Collections To External Media

Slideshow Tools

How to Use Tools to Present Your Items


Showfoto is a Stand Alone Version of the digiKam Image Editor

Credits and License

Copyrights and Notices About This Document

Get Involved

Contribute to digiKam project