Export To Google


This tool allows the user to upload photos to the Google web services. Two online applications are supported: Google Photo and Google Drive.

Google Photos is a photo sharing which automatically analyzes photos, identifying various visual features and subjects. Users can search for anything in photos including faces and group similar ones together.

Google Drive allows users to store files in the cloud, synchronize files across devices, and share files. Users can change privacy settings for individual files and can search for a content by describing its visuals, and use natural language to find specific files.


digiKam is not currently compatible with the Google Advanced Protection Program (GAPP) account settings. This protection serves for journalists and people who could be exposed to increased attacks. digiKam is compatible with a Google normal account.

For a normal Google account the amount of files which can be downloaded at once is currently limited to 1000.

The tools can be used to upload an image collections from your computer to the remote Google server using the Internet. Use respectively the Export ‣ Export to Google Photo Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P and by the Export ‣ Export to Google Drive Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D menu entries to access to these tools, or uses the icons from Tools in Right sidebar.


Google Photo is only suitable for showing images on the web, not as a backup solution. Google recompresses uploaded images and changes or removes metadata, e.g. GPS.

Login to your Account

When accessing the tool for the first time you are taken through the process of obtaining a token which is used for authentication purposes. The following dialog will popup and a browser window will be launched you will log in to Google:

The Google Dialog to Select Account

After successful signup digiKam will be allowed to send photos to the Google website. You will be presented with the following page on successful signup:

The Google Dialog to Authorize Application

Then, simply authorize application and close the web browser. Return to the host application dialog, you will see the interface used to upload photos to Google.


When the tool is invoked for second time, it will remember the previous account automatically.

Upload to your Account

The upload dialogs for Google Photo and Google Drive uses mostly the same interface:

The Google Photo Export Dialog

The Google Drive Export Dialog

By default, the tools proposes to export the currently selected items from the icon-view. The + Photos button can be used to append more items on the list.

With the Album options, you can select the online folder to store files to upload. You can Create new one and Reload the list on the combo-box if online contents have been changed in Google web interface.

If the Resize photos before uploading option is selected, the photos will be resized before transferring to Google. The values will be read from the Maximum Dimension combo-box, which can be used to adjust the maximum height. The width calculation will be done so as to have the aspect ratio conserved.

With Google Photo uploader, a special option is available to Write the photo ID to the source image. The identification number used to upload to your Google account will be recorded in the XMP metadata from file in your collection.

The Google Export Uploading in Progress

Press Start Upload button to transfer items. You can click on the Close button to abort the uploading of photos.

Finally, you can view the uploaded photos by visiting the Google websites.

The Google Photo Online Account Displaying the Uploaded Contents

The Google Drive Online Account Displaying the Uploaded Contents