Export To Remote Computer

This tool allows to upload files from your collections to a remote computer using network. It available from the Export ‣ Export to remote storage Ctrl+Alt+Shift+K menu entry or the corresponding icon from the Tools tab in Right Sidebar.

The Export to Remote Computer Dialog

Protocols as fish (ssh), ftp, smb, etc, can be used in connection from Target Location url editor. For example:

  • fish://user_name@remote_computer: connect to the remote_computer with user_name using SSH protocol (Secure SHell).

  • ftp://user_name@remote_computer: connect to the remote_computer with user_name using FTP protocol (File Transfer Protocol).

Instead to use Target Location url editor, you can use the native desktop url selector pressing Select Export Location. A dialog as below must appear where you can see the discovered remote devices selecting the network section:

The Export to Remote Computer Url Selector Dialog Under Linux.


The native url selector dialog is only available if you turn on the right option from the Misc/Appearance section of the configuration panel.

By default, the tool proposes to export the currently selected items from the icon-view. The + Photos button can be used to append more items on the list.

When you select right target to upload files, press Start Export button to process files. You can abort operation pressing Close button.