Mostly, Showfoto provides the same tools from digiKam Image Editor, in native or as plugins. All Colors, Effects, Transform, Decorate, and Enhancement tools are there. Showfoto inherits also of Raw Import tool to handle RAW demosaicing operations.

The Showfoto loading a DNG Based Apple ProRAW File Taken with an iPhone


Even if Showfoto does not provide something like the digiKam Batch Queue Manager, it can process files in batch. Plugins as Time Adjust, Print Wizard, Metadata Editor, HTML Gallery, etc. are compatible with Showfoto. The main difference to deal with this tools compared to digiKam is the way to pass items to process in the tools. Showfoto does not have an Icon-View as digiKam, but it has the Stack View and Thumbbar containers. When a Post Processing tool is called from Showfoto, the contents of the Stack or the Thumbbar are loaded in the tool, and of course, you can personalize this list later in the plugin.

The Showfoto Running Time Adjust Plugin Over the Contents loaded from the Current Stack

With Showfoto, you can also export items with web-service tools, as Flickr or Google, exactly like you can do in digiKam.

The Showfoto Exporting the Current Stack to Dropbox Web-Service

DNG Converter

One very important tool available in digiKam Batch Queue Manager is also usable in Showfoto. It's the famous DNG Converter used to migrate proprietary RAW data containers to the open-standardized Digital Negative format.

In Showfoto, this tool runs as stand-alone version like Time Adjust plugin. It works mostly like the original from the digiKam Batch Queue Manager. You can start it from the Tools ‣ DNG Converter... menu entry.

The Showfoto Running DNG Converter Plugin