Basic Slide Show

This tool render a series of items as a basic slide-show. To run this tool you can use the menu entry View ‣ Slideshow sub-menus or simply press the Show FullScreen button on top of Icon-View item.

The Icon-View Item Show FullScreen Overlay Button


The Show FullScreen button will be visible only if you turn on the right option from Settings ‣ Configure digiKam... and Icons tab from Views panel.

The basic slideshow tool will render items on full screen without visual effects and without zooming support. It is powerful to review quickly album items. This tool can play album contents in recursive mode with children albums if any.

The Basic Slide-Show View Displaying Item and Properties

A lots of items properties can be displayed as overlay while displaying contents. These ones are shown on the bottom left side as an OSD (On Screen Display).

The Basic Slide-Show Provides an OSD to Show Details and Control the Contents

The basic slide show configuration should be easy to understand. The upper slider adjusts the time between image transitions; usually a time of 4-5 seconds is good. The other check boxes enable/disable the metadata to be shown on the bottom of the slide show images during display.


The Shuffle Images mode is only available in automatic playback, i.e. when you start the slide show via the menu or toolbar button. It does not work in Preview mode when you start on the Play button icon in the thumbnail or image preview.

The Basic Slide-Show Configuration Dialog

The Usage from Keyboard and mouse to quickly navigate between items is listen below:

  • Item Access

    Previous Item:

    Up key PgUp key Left key Mouse wheel up Left mouse button

    Next Item:

    Down key PgDown key Right key Mouse wheel down Right mouse button


    Space key

    Slideshow Settings:

    F2 key

    Hide/Show Properties:

    F4 key


    Esc key

  • Item Properties

    Change Tags:

    Use Tags keyboard shortcuts

    Change Rating:

    Use Rating keyboard shortcuts

    Change Color Label:

    Use Color label keyboard shortcuts

    Change Pick Label:

    Use Pick label keyboard shortcuts

  • Others

    Show help dialog:

    F1 key