The digiKam main window has a sidebar at the right border providing important information and actions of the selected images. This same sidebar is also available in the digiKam Image Editor and the Light Table (except the Filters tab). It can be displayed by respectively clicking on one of the eight tabs:

  • Properties: File and image properties, key shooting parameters.

  • Metadata: Exif, Makernotes, IPTC, XMP, and ExifTool data.

  • Colors: Histograms and embedded ICC profiles.

  • Maps: View to show GPS location.

  • Captions: Comments, Date & Time setting, Labels, Rating, Tags, selected metadata.

  • Versions: Image history.

  • Filters: Filters to apply to icon-view selection.

  • Tools: An optional contextual view dedicated to group by categories all main tools available.

Clicking successively onto the same tab will make the sidebar pop up or fold back into the border.