Base Tools


The Batch Queue Manager tools are available as plugins loaded dynamically at startup and configurable in Setup dialog. Except few ones, mostly all tools share the same functionalities than plugins from Image Editor. The difference with Image Editor tools is that there is no possibility to preview the tool effects over the images. Other tools are more designed to Convert to file formats, and to apply the Digital Asset Management.

The Batch Queue Manager View to Select Base Tools for Creating a Workflow

Shared Image Editor Tools

List of tools coming from Image Editor and shared in Batch Queue Manager is given below. This list provide the links to Image Editor chapters from this manual corresponding to the Batch Queue Manager tools.


Adjust Levels and Simulate Color Negative Film are not available in Batch Queue Manager.


Healing Clone Tool and Lens Distortion Correction are not available in Batch Queue Manager.

  • Image Transformation Tools:

    Liquid Rescale, Perspective, Shearing Tool, and Proportional Crop Tool are not available in Batch Queue Manager.

  • Image Decoration Tools:


Simulate Oil Painting, Simulate Charcoal Drawing, Emboss Photograph, Distortion FX, Blur FX, and Add Rain Drops are not available in Batch Queue Manager.

Convert Tools

These tools allow to save images to new file formats. These are mostly placed at end of your list of Assigned Tools from your Workflow.

Metadata Tools

Custom Tools