On the bottom right, the Batch Queue Manager has a tab named Workflow which is empty by default. This view is a list where user can store the preferred set of tools to assign to queues. This list is saved and restored between sessions and can be re-used as well.

A workflow store:

  • The order of tools to run over a queue from the Assigned Tools view.

  • For each tools, all settings customized in Tools Settings view.

  • All settings from the Queue Settings view.

This allows to reproduce easily the items batch processing adjusted for your use cases. A workflow has tree properties to be identified in the Workflow tab:

  • A Title as text to name the workflow.

  • A Description as text to give details about a workflow.

  • The amount of tools registered.

All this information is stored in an XML file hosted in your home directory.

The Batch Queue Manager Workflow Stores all Settings to Apply on a Queue

To create a new Workflow, select your tools from Base Tools tab and drag and drop items to Assigned Tools list to create your sequence. When all is done, right click with mouse over the list to show the pop-up menu and select the Create Workflow option. A dialog will appears to fill the workflow Title and Description properties. Press OK to append the new item on the Workflow tab.

The Batch Queue Manager Workflow Create Dialog

Later, with a new Queue, if you want to apply a workflow with your precious tools/settings, just double click over an item from Workflow tab, or drag and drop the item from Workflow tab to Assigned Tools. The Workflow will be assigned to the current Queue and will be ready to run.

To manage a workflow entry, right-click with mouse over an entry from the Workflow tab to enable the context menu. This allows to edit a workflow properties or to delete it.

The Batch Queue Manager Workflow Context Menu