Time-Line View

The Timeline View

The Timeline View shows a timescale-adjustable histogram of the numbers of images per Time Unit which is selectable by a drop down field. Available graininess of time are Day, Week, Month, and Year.

To the right of that you can choose between a Linear or Logarithmic histogram using scaling buttons. A selection frame can be moved over the histogram and to display the photographs out of a certain time frame, just click on the corresponding histogram bar. You are not restricted to one bar: with Shift+left click you can select a range of bars from the histogram, and with Ctrl+left click you can select more single bars to the first one.

Timeline Selection Screencast

In the field right below you can enter a title and save your selection. It will then appear in the Searches list field below. But the best is still to come: the Timeline View offers a search for a search. If you have a lot more searches saved in the database, the adaptive search field at the bottom may help to find a certain entry in the list.

The date-range of the histogram is populated with the time stamp of items registered in the database. For each date matching the histogram bars time-resolution, an item is counted in the statistics. Long bars correspond to dates where a lots of items have been taken in the same graininess-range.

The icon-view gives the search results of the selection of date. You can select wanted items to post-process contents on batch queue manager or export items to the Internet. From Right sidebar you can filter icon view contents by database properties.