JAlbum Export

The JAlbum Export tool allows to create metadata for a set on digiKam items to use in the Java-based JAlbum HTML Gallery Generator. The Java virtual machine and the JAlbum program must be installed previously on your computer as run-time dependencies of this tool.

To run this tool, choose Tools ‣ Create JAlbum Gallery menu entry, or click on Create JAlbum Gallery icon from Tools tab in Right Sidebar.

The Selection of Item to export to JAlbum Gallery Generator

This opens the JAlbum Export wizard that guides you through the entire process. This first page allows to use the items selection method: from Images currently selected in digiKam, or from Albums hosted in your collections. This page also verifies the availability of JAlbum and Java binary programs.

The JAlbum Export Wizard Welcome Page

The second page of this wizard allows to review the list of images, or albums contents to export in the JAlbum HTML gallery generator. When selection is done, press the Next button.

The JAlbum Export Wizard Items Selection Page

The third page will configure the JAlbum settings to export contents. Here you can configure the Project Title and the Projects folder where files must be generated.

The JAlbum Export Wizard Settings Page

The fourth page will show all stages to generate files to export to JAlbum. When all is completed, the JAlbum

The JAlbum Export Wizard Preparing Output Files

When all tasks are completed, the JAlbum Application is started with all files exported from digiKam. At this time, you can close the JAlbum Export tool and continue to work with JAlbum application.

The JAlbum Application Started with the Exported Files from digiKam