OpenGL Viewer

This tool preview a series of items using OpenGL hardware to speed-up rendering. There is no configuration dialog. Calling this tool from View ‣ OpenGL Image Viewer will show items in full-screen mode.


This tool does not include an OSD (On Screen Display). Navigating between items is done with keyboard and mouse.

Screencast of the OpenGL Viewer

The usage from Keyboard and mouse to quickly navigate between items is listen below:

  • Item Access

    Previous Item:

    Up key PgUp key Left key Mouse wheel up

    Next Item:

    Down key PgDown key Right key Mouse wheel down


    Esc key

  • Item Display

    Toggle fullscreen to normal:

    f key

    Toggle scroll-wheel action:

    c key (either zoom or change image)


    r key

    Reset view:

    double click

    Original size:

    o key


    Move mouse in up-down-direction while pressing the right mouse button c key and use the scroll-wheel + and - keys ctrl + scrollwheel


    Move mouse while pressing the left button

  • Others

    Show help dialog:

    F1 key