Showfoto is a stand alone version of the famous digiKam Image Editor. It works mostly like this one, but with slight differences and supplemental features that we will see in this section of the manual.

The Showfoto Stand-Alone Editor Main Window

Differences with Image Editor

One main difference between Showfoto and digiKam Image Editor is the non-support of any database. For all files loaded in the editor, Showfoto deals directly with the file-metadata. As Showfoto is just an editor and does not support all capabilities for photo management program (as a powerful search tool), it’s not necessary to cache files-information in a database.


As Showfoto does not use a database, application lack image versioning support.

Other difference with digiKam Image Editor is the Left sidebar. In Showfoto all photo management is delegate to the Main Window and the left sidebar host two tab to navigate through your file-system:

  • First one, named Folders allows to go in-deep in directory hierarchies as a standard files manager. You can see the image thumbnails and the current path. Clicking on a thumbnail will load the contents to the canvas.

  • Second one, named Stack allows to host you preferred items previously selected in the Folders tab.

The Right Sidebar is exactly the same than Image Editor, excepted the tabs depending exclusively to the database. Captions and Versions are not available in Showfoto. Looks in this section of this manual to found information about tabs present in Showfoto.

Another difference with digiKam Image Editor is the new entries in File menu:

  • Open: can load files in the stack. A standard open file dialog will allows to choose the items from the disk.

  • Open folder: can specify the folder to parse all items to load in the stack.