DAM Workflow

  • Import images from camera, card reader or scanner. As long as the images are stored on the camera media, you can use that as temporary backup.

  • RAW are converted to DNG and stored away into an RAW archive.

    The DNG Convert Settings From Import Tool

  • Rate and cull, write-back metadata to the DNG archive.

    Applying Labels to Items Using Captions Tab from Right Sidebar

  • Make a backup e.g. on external drive, and optical medium, or a tape.

  • Tag, comment, and geo-locate.

    Applying Descriptions to Items Using Captions Tab from Right Sidebar

  • Edit and improve photographs.

    Sharpening Details In Image Editor Using Refocus Tool

  • For layered editing use external applications. Back in digiKam, re-apply the metadata, which was probably lost or curtailed by the other applications.

  • Run the routine backup with following data-integrity checks.

  • Protect processed images for copyrights with Digital Watermarking. Export to web galleries, slide shows, MPEG encode, contact sheets, printing, etc.

    The List of Export Tools Available From Image Editor

A typical generic draft of all photograph workflow stages is given below:

Draft of all Common Tasks Used During a Photographs Workflow